Kitchen Colour Idea: Top 7 Kitchen color ideas that are good as Vastu

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The kitchen is the most important part of a home because here the food is cooked every dayHere food is cooked every day for the resident of the home giving energy to all the residents. So as per Vastu, it should be good or compliant with Vastu like what will be the direction of the kitchen, the kitchen color, and where to place appliances.

According to Vastu kitchen is the most important part of the kitchen it should be properly ventilated. The kitchen attracts all the five elements earth, water, sky, fire, and airAccording to Vastu Shastra, to get these right, a balance should be maintained between the five elements, namely earth, sky, air, fire, and water by following some kitchen Vastu tips. If the kitchen is compliant with Vastu it will add energy to the food which will give energy to the residents of the home.

So, today we are going to tell you the Top 7 Colors that are Vastu-compliant for your kitchen.

Kitchen Direction as per Vastu Shastra

Before choosing the right color for the Kitchen you need to decide on the right direction for the kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra, your kitchen is ruled by Agni or the lord of fire and the direction of fire is South-East. South-West is the most favorable direction for the kitchen, apart from being in the South. The next best direction is North-West. After that, the direction which is declined by the Vastu Sastra experts is North, South-West, and North-East.

Kitchen Color 1 : Red  

As red is the color of fire, this is the best for your kitchen. You can use any shade of red like tomato red, cherry red, fiery red, or scarlet red if you don’t want that overpowering red color in your kitchen. Red is the color for the kitchen facing south and southeast directions. Those who are recommended to opt for red color for the kitchen but are apprehensive about using the bold kitchen color may use some combination of red or can use appliances of red color. For example, you can use red color with a combination of white color.

Kitchen Color 2: Yellow

The yellow kitchen room color is very peppy. This sunshine color brings a lot of happiness and hopes to your home which is a must for your kitchen. Yellow is the color for the kitchen facing south. If you don’t want to use the proper yellow then you can use the different shades of mustard yellow, sandal yellow, etc.

Kitchen Color 3: Orange

As orange is a combination of red and yellow as orange represents courage and it has shades of fire. According to Vastu Shastra, the orange color brings optimism to a kitchen. Orange is the color for the kitchen facing the east direction. Again, orange can be combined with white to get a sober look in the kitchen room.

Kitchen Color 4: White 

White signifies peace. White in any part of the home or the kitchen means purity. Using white color in the kitchen room ensures it gets light that helps the entire house prosper, point out Vastu experts. The white color is for the kitchen that is facing the west direction. If you don’t want to use the pure shade of white then you can use different shades of white like cream and beige.

Kitchen Color 5 : Green 

The green color is for everyone, and especially for nature lovers. According to Vastu Shastra experts, shades of green bring in a sense of growth and hope and have a positive impact when used as a kitchen room color. The green color is best for the kitchen room facing the east direction. You can use different shades of green like mint green, sage green leaf green, etc. that can match the interior and your home décor.

Kitchen Color 6 : Brown

Brown is the color of earth that is one of the element of Vastu. It is a Vastu-compliant color that perfectly matches your kitchen room, especially for those who are having a modern kitchen. Most people adopt brown, as it is Vastu-compliant, easy to maintain, and a safe option when it comes to kitchen décor.

Kitchen Color 7 : Pink

Pink brings love, which is also a very important ingredient for a kitchen. It is Vastu-compliant and one can use pink or pastel shades of the color or peach color, for a Lovely kitchen set-up.

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