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Global City Gurugram

Gurugram, a prominent financial and technological hub in India, has undergone remarkable growth. In population, infrastructure, and economy in recent decades, solidifying its status as a Global City Gurugram. This development has been accompanied by the rise of multinational corporations and major Indian firms. As well as a thriving luxury real estate sector featuring both residential and commercial ventures.

A recent report titled ‘Global City Gurugram’ by R&R underscores the city’s trajectory. Towards further distinction with the forthcoming establishment of Global City Gurugram. This initiative is spearheaded by the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC). This signifies the government agency’s commitment to fostering industry, commerce, and trade in the region. Collaborating with the China Fortune Land Development Company (CFLD), known for its international expertise, HSIIDC is steering the creation of Global City Gurugram, a project set to enhance the city’s grandeur and allure.

Global City Gurugram

The vision for Global City Gurugram entails a focus on technology and sustainability, positioning it as a smart city. This entails advanced infrastructure, encompassing intelligent transport systems, smart buildings, and renewable energy solutions. The project adopts an integrated township model, encompassing residential, commercial, and industrial zones, all equipped with a range of amenities including educational institutions, medical facilities, parks, and shopping complexes.

Location Of Global City Gurugram

Occupying over 1000 acres of land across Sectors 36, 36B, 37, and 37B of Gurugram along the 8-lane Dwarka Expressway, Global City Gurugram is strategically poised to accommodate a population of one million people. Its intended role as a self-reliant Central Business District for Gurugram is underscored by its emphasis on modern technology, eco-friendly infrastructure, transit-oriented development, and improved quality of life.

The project boasts a global Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 3.0, offering real estate developers and investors mixed-use parcels complemented by state-of-the-art infrastructure and essential amenities. This environment is tailored to facilitate a business-friendly atmosphere.

Vishesh Prakash of R&R acknowledges this endeavor’s significance, noting that it adds another layer of distinction to Gurugram’s achievements. The project’s estimated infrastructure development cost of around $1 billion is indicative of its potential, which could well surpass $15 billion in investment. The initiative, with its ambitious 1000+ acre mixed-use development, aspires to be a self-sustaining city, offering lasting value for future generations.

Global City Gurugram is essentially a self-contained metropolis, replete with modern infrastructure and safety measures modeled on international best practices. This visionary endeavor resonates with global examples such as Neom, Telosa, Gift City, and The Line, embodying the ‘Live, Work, Play’ ethos, thereby promoting a holistic and sustainable way of life.

Central to the design of Global City Gurugram is a commitment to sustainability, self-sufficiency, and resilience. Achieved through low-carbon infrastructure, and efficient public transportation. Renewable energy integration, energy-efficient building design, and responsible waste management. The project aims to fulfill the needs of the present without compromising the prospects of future generations.


The inception of Global City Gurugram stands as a defining moment in Gurugram’s evolution. Symbolizing its transition from a regional player to a global contender. This transformative partnership between the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation. And the China Fortune Land Development Company promises to reshape the city’s landscape into a beacon. Technological advancement, sustainability, and modern urban living. Through its comprehensive ‘Live, Work, Play’ concept and meticulous integration of smart infrastructure and eco-conscious design. Global City Gurugram signifies Gurugram’s commitment to becoming a model for global cities. Embracing innovation, environmental stewardship, and holistic development. Thereby propelling the city into a more interconnected and promising future.

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